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Food with love!

People ask what our most important ingredient is, we always tell them love. Food with love is what makes Naf Naf Grill who we are. Everyday we chop fresh salads, fire grill fresh kababs, roast eggplants, blend hummus, and bake hot, fresh pita throughout the day. Would it be easier to use canned eggplant, bagged pita, and factory produced hummus, sure it would be, but that isn’t the Naf Naf way.


A pita is born every second.

At all of our stores you will find a Naf Naf Bakery. In our bakeries you will see our bakers cutting and rolling dough by hand. Take a look as the dough is placed in the oven and expands into a beautiful, hot Naf Naf pita. We bake pita all day long so that you know when you bite into our soft, warm bread that you taste what pita should taste like. This is just another example of the Naf Naf love.

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