Catering from Naf is EASY, ON-TIME, and DELICIOUS.

Looking to feed a group? We got your back with our all-inclusive, self-serve Middle Eastern Feast             and our Pita Pack full of individually wrapped sandwiches & sides.

Treat your crew to our authentic, handmade eats like award-winning savory chicken shawarma, fresh-baked pitas, signature hummus, and scratch-made sauces - and, of course, our famous falafel.                 Each guest will get to craft and enjoy their own flavorful bowl or pita sandwich.

Vegan? Meat-lover? Gluten-free? Hot sauce addict? No worries, we have something for everyone!

Ordering a Middle Eastern feast?:  Be sure to add a "hot pack" complete with chafing racks and sternos that keep all your hot food, hot.  Most of our setup is disposable except for the chafing racks. If you're wondering what to do with the chafing racks after your event. No worries, we got you there too. You can return those racks to any participating Naf Naf and get Free Stuffed Pita or Bowl card.

We’ll do all the work and make sure you get all the credit. #NafOn


(serves 10 - 20)

Includes individually wrapped pita sandwiches and a side for each guest (basmati rice or lentil soup). Pita sandwiches come prepared with a choice of protein (chicken shawarma (GF), falafel (V), or steak), hummus, and chopped salad. Purple cabbage, pickles, and all our flavorful sauces come on the side.

Middle Eastern Feast

(serves 20+)

Choose your protein (chicken shawarma (GF), steak or both). Includes our hand-crafted falafel (V), handmade pita, basmati rice, romaine and all the Naf toppings and sauces that your guests will need to create their perfect bowl or pita sandwich.

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