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Read up on our fundraising program details below.

Q: How does fundraising participation in the restaurant work?

A: When your supporters check out at Naf Naf, they’ll show the cashier the printed event flyer or show the event flyer on their phones. We’ll tally the order as part of your fundraising event, and 20% of the order will go back to your organization!

Q: How does digital fundraising participation work?

A: Our fundraising events all have a digital code your supporters can use when they order online at and via the Naf Perks app. Your supporters can help your organization – and stay home!

Q: What’s the digital code for my event again?

A: The digital code is GIVEBACK. Just enter it at checkout online or on the Naf Perks app, and 20% of your order will go back to your organization.

Q: How much does my organization get back?

A: All fundraising events earn 20% (pre-tax) of orders from your group, both at Naf and online.

Q: How long is my event? Is it for lunch or dinner?

A: We host fundraising events for both lunch and dinner, so we’re flexible on what works for you and your group. If you’d like to host an all-day fundraiser, we could arrange that too.

Q: When does my organization get paid?

A: We’ll have payment to you within two weeks of your event.

Q: How does Naf Naf support my fundraiser?

A: Our Brand and Operations teams will be right with you every step of the way. We’ll get in touch with you to coordinate your fundraising event’s time, date, and details and confirm all aspects of the event. We’ll also send you a customized event flyer with your organization’s name and details about your event.

Q: How should I promote my fundraising event?

A: To promote your event, you should let your people know! You can email the event flyer to your contacts, print it and post it it at your school, church, or workplace, and tell your friends the time, date, and details. Your fundraiser will be most successful if more people know about it, so share the event details far and wide.

Q: What do I do if my question isn’t a frequently asked question?!

A: You can ask us in the “Anything else you’d like to know?” section of our fundraising event form or email us at

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