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  • Naf Naf Rice Bowls
    Rice Bowls

    Start with your choice of rice, couscous, hummus or baba. Add your protein and toppings and finish with a sauce.

  • Naf Naf Salad Bowls
    Salad Bowls

    Fresh romaine lettuce as your base, protein of your choice, add toppings and finish with a sauce or vinaigrette!

  • Naf Naf Stuffed Pitas
    Stuffed Pitas

    Our pillowy fresh baked pita filled with just the right stuff! Add your favorite spread, protein, toppings and sauces.

  • Naf Naf Plates

    Base of choice, double protein and extra toppings and sauces, just when you need a little more!

  • Naf Naf Kids Meals
    Kids’ Meals

    Get a meal your kids will love. Falafel, chicken shawarma, crispy chicken or steak. Your choice of sides and drinks.

  • Naf Family Style
    Family Style Meal

    Choose your protein, rice, romaine, pitas and all the Naf toppings and sauces you need to create the perfect family meal. (Serves 6)

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Join Naf Perks & Earn for Every Naf