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Enjoy this great conversation about our partnership with Love’s Travel Stops on The Truck Stops Here podcast.

Naf Naf Grill is a fast-casual Middle Eastern concept that’s on a mission to bring the best flavors of the Middle East to the masses in a simple, affordable, fast-casual setting. With a flexible layout, minimal SKUs and a category of food that appeals to both professional drivers and four-wheel customers, Naf Naf Grill found a great partner in Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores.

“I give full credit to Love’s. They recognized our brand and this opportunity based on their research and some feedback they got from their drivers and really approached us about doing business with them in their travel stops. They are, as you know, as good as it gets in terms of the way they operate their business.” said Greg Willman, Chairman and CEO of Naf Naf Holdings, LLC.

Listen to gather three takeaways for truck stops and travel centers from Naf Naf, including:

  • Embrace diversity in food flavors.
  • Alternate food options like Middle Eastern cuisine can set your travel center apart and cater to a wider palate.
  • Try different partnerships. Consider the importance of operational flexibility to accommodate different settings and customer expectations.
  • Listen to your customers. Feedback and data-driven partnerships can lead to fruitful collaborations that benefit both parties.

Hosted by: Amy Toner, Executive Director, NATSO Foundation

Guest: Greg Willman, Chairman and CEO, Naf Naf Holdings, LLC

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